Mesivta Ohr Temimim

Ohr Temimim Lubavitch Differentiated Instruction Approach.


After a 45 minute Gemara shiur, the class divides into three target groups:


  1. An in-depth Maforshim and Poskim shiur (Rosh, Rif, Ran, Rambam and the Alter Rebbe where applicable), bringing the Gemara to its halachic relevance

  2. A group reviewing the Gemara and Rashi with a Magid Shiur, using visual aids and skill-building worksheets,

  3. A group reviewing the Gemara with our older bochurim shluchim. 
    With this approach, each bochur maximizes the morning learning based on his own abilities and builds independent study skills.


This approach continues during the afternoon Girsa Seder.

Bochurim can choose to study many blat of Gemara and Rashi legirsa, or join Mishnayos legirsa where they will accumulate a wealth of knowledge in Mishnayos, with well-guided follow-up review sheets during the Girsa shiur.

In the latter part of the afternoon, parents and talmidim choose from several subjects of Kodesh and Chol:
In Kodesh, the Mesivta offers one or more Bekius Tracks, covering the entire Shas Mishnayos or Halachah (completing the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch of the daily Halachos), with follow-up review