Ohr Temimim Lubavitch Differentiated Instruction Approach.


After the Gemara shiur, the class divides into two target groups:

  1. An in-depth Maforshim and Poskim shiur (Rosh, Rif, Ran, Rambam and the Alter Rebbe where applicable), bringing the Gemara to its halachic relevance
  2. A group reviewing the Gemara and Rashi with a Magid Shiur, using visual aids and skill-building worksheets,


This approach continues during the afternoon Girsa Seder.

Bochurim can choose to study many blat of Gemara and Rashi legirsa, or join Mishnayos legirsa where they will accumulate a wealth of knowledge in Mishnayos, with well-guided follow-up review sheets during the Girsa shiur.